Upcoming Events


21 January       General Meeting 2.00pm Growing Cane-Stemmed Begonias            
          Please bring along your favourite plants to show
18 February        No meeting in February No meeting this month
24-25 February        Begonia and Frangipani Weekend at Displays 
        226 Annangrove Road Talks & Demonstrations 
        Annangrove   2156  Light Refreshments, sausage sizzle
        Saturday 24th - 10.00am-4.00pm  Plants and Cutting Sales 
        Sunday 25th -  10.00am-3.00pm Gold Coin Entry 
18 March        General Meeting 2.00pm Rhizomatous Begonias - please bring along your best
           specimen plant and share a piece of rhizome
15 April        General Meeting 2.00pm Getting the most out of your Shrub-Like Begonias
20 May        General Meeting 2.00pm  Thick-stemmed & Trailing-Scandent Begonias 
           Pests & Diseases

17 June        General Meeting 1.30pm  Caring for begonias throughout winter 
15 July        General Meeting 1.30pm  Growing Medium for begonias and fertilisers 
           Preparing for the new growing season

19 August       General Meeting 1.30pm Pruning techniques and propagating tips
16 September       General Meeting 2.00pm  West Pennant Hills - please contact the secretary
           for details

21 October       General Meeting 2.00pm  Propagation - bring your clean secateurs and knives
          Please bring in plant material 
18 November       BBQ at 12.00 noon followed by the  Barbeque and Annual General Meeting